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Roland FP-10 Keyboard Review

Looking for a high-quality digital keyboard that delivers a rich and authentic piano experience? Look no further than the Roland FP-10 88-key Entry Level Digital Keyboard with Bluetooth. Featuring Roland’s renowned supernatural piano sound engine, this keyboard offers a responsive tone that captures the essence of an acoustic piano. Its 88-key hammer-action with progressively weighted piano touch allows for maximum expression, making it feel like you’re playing on a real piano. With Bluetooth MIDI capabilities, you can wirelessly connect to popular apps for education, creativity, and enjoyment on your mobile device. Additionally, the Roland free Piano Partner 2 app provides remote control and added functionality for the FP-10. Whether you’re practicing at home or in a lesson, the headphones output and quiet keyboard action allow for uninterrupted playing without disturbing others. The onboard speakers reproduce your playing with rich, expressive sound, and the twin piano mode is perfect for side-by-side playing. Optional accessories like the matching stand give it a classic piano look, and it even comes with a sustain pedal, music stand, and power adaptor. With its impressive features and incredible sound quality, the Roland FP-10 is the ideal digital keyboard for both beginners and experienced pianists alike.

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Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to pianos, the Roland FP-10 88-key Entry Level Digital Keyboard with Bluetooth is a top choice that offers an impressive range of features and benefits. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, this product is worth considering.

One reason to consider the Roland FP-10 is its rich and responsive tone, thanks to Roland’s renowned supernatural piano sound engine. This technology faithfully reproduces the sound of an acoustic piano, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality playing experience. Scientific research and customer testimonials have praised the realistic sound produced by this keyboard, making it a reliable option for pianists of all skill levels.

Another key feature of the Roland FP-10 is its 88-key hammer-action with progressively weighted piano touch. This means that the keys have a natural resistance and feel, similar to that of an acoustic piano. The progressive weighting also ensures that the lower keys feel heavier, just like in a traditional piano. This allows for maximum expression and dynamic control while playing, making your music come to life with every touch.

Features and Benefits

Bluetooth MIDI for Wireless Connection

One of the standout features of the Roland FP-10 is its Bluetooth MIDI capability. This allows you to wirelessly connect the keyboard to popular apps on your mobile device for education, creativity, and enjoyment. You can easily access a wide range of music learning apps, creative composition tools, and even play along with your favorite songs. The wireless connection eliminates the need for cables, providing convenience and flexibility in your musical journey.

Roland Free Piano Partner 2 App

To enhance your experience further, the Roland FP-10 comes with the free Piano Partner 2 app. This app allows for remote control of the keyboard, giving you added functionality and control right at your fingertips. You can change settings, select different sounds, and even access additional features, all from your mobile device. The Piano Partner 2 app is designed to make learning and playing more enjoyable and convenient, making it the perfect companion for the FP-10.

USB MIDI Connectivity

The Roland FP-10 also offers USB MIDI connectivity, allowing for a seamless one-cable connection to computers or mobile devices. This makes it easy to integrate the keyboard into your digital music production setup or use it as a MIDI controller for software instruments. The USB MIDI connection ensures fast and reliable communication, ensuring that your music creation process is smooth and efficient.

Headphones Output and Quiet Keyboard Action

One of the benefits of the Roland FP-10 is its headphone output and quiet keyboard action. With this feature, you can enjoy playing at any time without disturbing others. Simply plug in your headphones, and you can immerse yourself in your music without worries. Additionally, the quiet keyboard action ensures that your playing remains discreet, making it perfect for late-night practice sessions or shared living spaces.

Roland FP-10 88-key Entry Level Digital Keyboard with Bluetooth

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Product Quality

Roland is a brand known for its high-quality musical instruments, and the FP-10 is no exception. Built with durability and longevity in mind, this digital keyboard is made to withstand hours of practice and performance. The 88-key hammer-action keyboard provides a realistic feel, ensuring a comfortable playing experience. The onboard speakers deliver rich and expressive sound, faithfully reproducing your playing. Moreover, the included Roland Dsp-2 sustain pedal, music stand, and power adaptor are all of excellent quality, ensuring that you have everything you need to start playing right away.

What It’s Used For

Performance and Practice

The Roland FP-10 is ideal for both performance and practice purposes. Its rich, responsive tone and realistic piano feel make it a suitable instrument for pianists who want to hone their skills or perform in small venues. The onboard speakers deliver a clear and dynamic sound, making your performance impactful. The headphone output and quiet keyboard action ensure that you can practice anytime, anywhere, without disturbing others.

Education and Learning

For students and aspiring pianists, the Roland FP-10 offers a range of features that facilitate learning. The Twin Piano Mode allows both the student and teacher to play side-by-side in the same octave ranges, making it great for lessons. The Bluetooth MIDI capability provides access to educational apps that offer interactive lessons, sheet music, and practice tools. The versatile features and user-friendly interface make the FP-10 a valuable tool for music education.

Composition and Creativity

The Roland FP-10 is not limited to piano playing alone — it also serves as a versatile creative tool. With its Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, you can connect to music production software and use the keyboard as a MIDI controller. This allows you to explore different sounds, create your own compositions, and experiment with various musical styles. The high-quality craftsmanship and responsive touch ensure that your creative ideas are accurately translated into music.

Live and Studio Recording

Thanks to its USB MIDI connectivity, the Roland FP-10 is a great option for live performances and studio recording. You can connect the keyboard to your computer or mobile device and use it as a MIDI controller for recording software. This enables you to capture your performances with ease and precision. The realistic piano feel and expressive tone make the FP-10 a reliable tool for professional musicians and recording enthusiasts alike.

Roland FP-10 88-key Entry Level Digital Keyboard with Bluetooth

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Product Specifications

Number of Keys88
Key ActionProgressive hammer action
Sound EngineRoland’s supernatural piano sound engine
Bluetooth CapabilityBluetooth MIDI for wireless connection to mobile devices
ConnectivityUSB MIDI for connection to computers/tablets
SpeakersOnboard speakers
AccessoriesRoland Dsp-2 sustain pedal, music stand, power adaptor
Master Tuning Range415.3 Hz – 466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)

Who Needs This

The Roland FP-10 is suitable for a wide range of individuals. Beginners who are just starting their piano journey will benefit from its realistic key action and educational features. Experienced pianists looking for a portable and expressive instrument will appreciate its high-quality sound and wireless capabilities. Music students, teachers, and professionals will find the FP-10 to be a reliable tool for lessons, performances, and recordings. Whether you want to learn, compose, perform, or record, the Roland FP-10 is designed to meet your musical needs.

Roland FP-10 88-key Entry Level Digital Keyboard with Bluetooth

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Pros and Cons


  • Realistic and expressive piano feel
  • Rich and responsive tone
  • Bluetooth MIDI for wireless connectivity
  • Roland Free Piano Partner 2 app for added functionality
  • USB MIDI for easy connection to computers and mobile devices
  • Headphones output for quiet practice sessions
  • Onboard speakers for immediate sound reproduction
  • Twin Piano Mode for teacher-student lessons
  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Versatile use for performance, education, and creativity


  • Might be considered expensive for entry-level pianos
  • Limited sound customization options


  1. Does the Roland FP-10 come with a sustain pedal?

    • Yes, the keyboard includes the Roland Dsp-2 sustain pedal.
  2. Can I connect the FP-10 to my smartphone or tablet?

    • Absolutely! The Bluetooth MIDI capability allows for wireless connection to popular apps on your mobile device.
  3. What is the educational functionality of the Roland Free Piano Partner 2 app?

    • The app provides remote control of the keyboard and offers additional features to enhance your learning experience, such as interactive lessons and sheet music.
  4. Does the Roland FP-10 have a headphone output for silent playing?

    • Yes, it features a headphones output, so you can enjoy playing without disturbing others.
  5. Can the Roland FP-10 be used as a MIDI controller?

    • Yes, the USB MIDI connectivity allows you to use the keyboard as a MIDI controller for music production software.

Roland FP-10 88-key Entry Level Digital Keyboard with Bluetooth

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased and used the Roland FP-10 have consistently praised its realistic piano feel and high-quality sound. Many have highlighted the convenience and versatility of the Bluetooth MIDI connectivity and the compatibility with educational apps. The included sustain pedal and other accessories have also been well-received. Some customers have mentioned that they find the price on the higher side for an entry-level keyboard, but they acknowledge the superior quality and features that justify the investment.

Overall Value

In terms of overall value, the Roland FP-10 is a worthwhile investment for any piano enthusiast. Its realistic key action, expressive tone, and versatile connectivity options offer a premium piano experience at an affordable price. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned pianist, or a professional musician, the FP-10 provides reliable performance, satisfying features, and exceptional sound quality.

Roland FP-10 88-key Entry Level Digital Keyboard with Bluetooth

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Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To get the best out of your Roland FP-10, follow these tips and tricks:

  • Experiment with different app options available for Bluetooth MIDI connectivity to explore new learning opportunities and music styles.
  • Use the Twin Piano Mode for effective teacher-student lessons, maximizing the learning experience.
  • Explore the various sound options available within the Roland Free Piano Partner 2 app to find the right tones for your musical style.
  • Utilize the USB MIDI connectivity to connect the FP-10 to your preferred music production software and unleash your creativity in composition and recording.

Final Thoughts

The Roland FP-10 88-key Entry Level Digital Keyboard with Bluetooth is a versatile and high-quality instrument that offers an authentic piano experience. With its realistic key action, rich sound, and wide range of features, it is a valuable tool for beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Whether you’re looking to learn, practice, perform, or record, the FP-10 has everything you need to enhance your musical journey. Invest in the Roland FP-10 and unlock your full potential as a pianist.

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