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Music Resources

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs):

Recording Studio Software and Tools:

Virtual Instruments and Plugins:

Audio Interfaces:

MIDI Controllers:

Sample Libraries and Sound Libraries:

Online Drum Samples and Loop Libraries:

Drum Machine and Groovebox Tools:


Studio Monitors:

Studio Headphones:

Acoustic Treatment:

Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment Suppliers:

Studio Furniture and Ergonomics:

Studio Accessories:

Online Communities and Forums:

Online Music Collaboration Platforms:

Online Courses and Education Platforms:

Books on Home Recording and Audio Engineering:

  • “Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio” by Mike Senior
  • “The Recording Engineer’s Handbook” by Bobby Owsinski
  • “Modern Recording Techniques” by David Miles Huber and Robert E. Runstein

Music Theory Resources:

Online Music Collaboration Platforms (specifically for bands):

Remote Collaboration Tools:

Remote Mixing and Collaboration Platforms:

Online Music Production Communities:

Online Forums and Communities:

YouTube Channels for Recording Tips and Tutorials:

Podcasts about Home Recording and Production:

Music Production Podcasts:

Podcasting Resources:

 Music Production Blogs and Magazines:

Home Studio Budgeting and Planning Tools:

Online Music Production Courses:

Online Music Theory and Ear Training Tools:

Online Mastering Services:

Online Mixing and Mastering Services:

Copyright and Royalty-Free Music Resources:

Online Music Business and Marketing Resources:

Studio Backup and Data Management:

Studio Workflow and Organization Tools: