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Cable Matters XLR Review: A Durable and High-Performing XLR Cable

Cable Matters XLR Review: A Durable and High-Performing XLR Cable

In this comprehensive Cable Matters’ XLR review, we’ll examine the all the features of Cable Matters’ XLR cable and provide a comprehensive assessment of its endurance, outstanding performance, adaptability in the field; connectors; length; costliness as well as warranty. In addition to comparing these cables against each other for an informed decision regarding which one is right for your particular needs. For further details on these aspects or any others relating to this product please feel free to peruse our article here:

Cable Matters XLR Review

Cable Matters XLR Review: A Durable and High-Performing XLR Cable Background on XLR Cables

“Uncovering the History of XLR Cables” offers a comprehensive overview of this ubiquitous audio interface. Developed in the early 1950s, these pioneering cables remain an industry standard for their uncompromised signal transmission and reliability.

The three-pin design found within XLR cables is advantageous in that it allows for balanced transmission of audio signals. Thereby reducing noise and interference in the process. Moreover, these cables are designed to be durable. Each one being fabricated from solid metal withstanding regular use both during live performances as well as studio sessions.

Not only do XLR cables provide high-quality transmission of both audio and video signals, but they are also commonly employed in applications such as lighting technology and audiovisual productions for their versatility. They may be purchased in various lengths suited to specific uses, offering a secure standard for professional audio/video groups.

Importance of a High-Performing XLR Cable

The paramountity of a high-performing XLR cable rests in its capability to reliably and accurately convey audio signals. A highly proficient cable will ensure the fidelity of an audio signal remains unimpeded by noise, interference or distortion. Essential for professional applications where pristine quality is paramount such as live performances, recording studios or broadcasting facilities.

A high performing XLR cable will ensure optimal audio performance, featuring a low noise floor and pristine common-mode rejection as well as a minimal insertion loss. All of which are critical for ensuring that the signal remains clear of interference, noise or distortion. Furthermore; it should possess effective shielding mechanisms to prevent any unwanted interferences from entering the audio path.

Moreover, XLR cables are frequently utilized in scenarios where they can be susceptible to wear and tear, such as during a live performance. Therefore it is essential that the cable is durable yet constructed to last. A highly functional XLR connector must possess an excellently built structure that can withstand regular use without being compromised upon audio quality.

Overview of the Cable Matters XLR

The Cable Matters XLR cable is a high-performing and durable design, crafted for use in professional audio settings. It transmits audio signals with clarity and precision while also being constructed to withstand regular use.

The standout feature of the Cable Matters XLR is its high-grade construction. This cable is made form sturdy materials and incorporates gold-plated connectors and contacts that have been specially engineered to resist corrosion for long lasting reliability. Additionally, it features a thick and pliable jacket designed to withstand wear during transportation or live performances. Making this an excellent choice in any situation where cables may be subject to rough handling.

For users seeking optimum audio quality, the Cable Matters XLR cable is an outstanding solution. The balanced signal transmission effectively reduces noise and interference, while offering a low noise floor with high common-mode rejection capabilities alongside low insertion loss to ensure that audio signals remain pristine and undistorted.

The Cable Matters XLR offers an expansive selection of lengths that can be used in any situation. From producing studio recordings to live performances and broadcast applications.

Also, the Cable Matters XLR is an impressive and durable high-performance cable designed for professional audio applications. Its robust construction, balanced transmission of audio signals with minimal noise generation, and low insertion loss ensure it is an ideal choice for any application in the field.

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Design and Build Quality

XLR Microphone Cable Materials Used

The construction materials used in the production of Cable Matters’ XLR ensure its proficiency and longevity. These components are vital to attaining optimal performance and durability.

The cable itself is crafted from high-quality copper wire, renowned for its exquisite conductivity and negligible resistance. This enables transmission of audio signals with minimal attenuation and distortion; ensuring that the music remains clear and precise.

The premium quality connectors and contacts of the Cable Matters XLR are crafted from gilded materials. Gold is a highly durable alloy that provides exceptional resistance against corrosion and oxidation – which can lead to loss of connection over time. This ensures that reliable connections remain available for long periods!

The robust, protective jacket of the Cable Matters XLR is crafted from thick and malleable PVC material. This safeguards its cable against wear-and-tear while offering reliable protection over long periods of time. It’s a premier choice for applications such as live performances or any other scenarios where cables may be exposed to potential travails.


The Cable Matters materials are judiciously selected, yielding a cable that is both highly effective and resilient. Its construction features superior copper wire for its high-quality conductivity, ensuring that audio signals are conveyed with clarity and precision.

Cable Matters’ XLR connectors and contacts are fashioned from superior gold-plated metal. A material used frequently for its resistance to corrosion and durability. Further enhancing reliability is the additional layer of protection provided by this gold plating; resulting in an increase of durability over time.

The robust cable jacket is crafted from an abundance of resilient material that safeguards against wear and tear. This protective shell is adept at withstanding regular use in both performing arts centers and recording studios where it must endure rigorous demands.

The Cable Matters XLR cable is fully RoHS compliant, assuring users that this cable has been carefully screened to exclude deleterious materials and chemicals. This helps reduce potential environmental concerns as well as ensure that the product itself remains safe for use in a wide range of hostile environments.

Connectors and Contacts

Connectors and contacts are an essential feature of any XLR cable, as they enable connections to equipment and convey the audio signal. In fact, the Cable Matters line-up boasts some of the most reliable connectors and contacts available. Each creation is manufactured with high-grade materials for a secure connection.

The Cable Matters XLR boasts gold-plated connectors and contacts, providing a reliable connection that is resistant to corrosion. Gold plating has been recognized as the ideal alternative for conductivity compared to other metals. Moreover, it provides enhanced resistance against corrosion which helps safeguard connection integrity over time. In addition to this, snug fit of these components also forestalls any loose or wobbly connections. Making this cable set an exceptional choice!

Also, the Cable Matters XLR connectors and contacts are crafted to provide a secure and dependable connection. This minimizes the likelihood of signal loss or interference. This ensures that audio signals remain crisp, free from noise or distortion enabling top-quality transmission.


XLR to XLR Microphone Cable Signal Clarity

Signal clarity is the standard attained by cables in transmitting audio signals without distortion or interference. It’s a key requirement for achieving high-quality sound in professional settings. Therefore, it should be prioritized as an essential factor when planning any project involving music or media.

The Cable Matters XLR provides pristine audio transmission, which is attained through its balanced audio transmission. This technology helps to minimize noise and interference, ensuring that the signal remains clear and accurate.

Also, the Cable Matters cables offers exceptional performance, boasting a low noise floor, high common-mode rejection and minimal insertion loss. These attributes are essential for ensuring that the audio signal remains pristine and free from interferences like noise or distortion. An impressive low noisiness floor is indicative of a cable with minimal background noises. Strong capabilities in attenuating external interferences can also be observed through high common mode rejection abilities. Providing an efficient means to safeguard against any interference. Whilst lastly – lower losses of signal dueone to its inherent quality construction!

Moreover, the Cable Matters XLR is created with a robust shielding technique that guards against any unwanted interference from infiltrating into the audio signal. This safeguards that fidelity of sound remains undisturbed even in locations where electromagnetic fluctuation may be present.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction, also known as audio quality control, refers to the capability of a cable to diminish or eliminate unwanted background noise in an audio signal. For achieving high-quality results during professional applications, it is essential that there be a high level of noise reduction.

The Cable Matters XLR cables optimizes audio quality through its balanced transmission of signals. By aggregating three conductors – two signal and one ground conductor – into a single cable configuration. This provides an effective way to reduce noise and interference. This configuration effectively cancels out any noise or interferences present on one of the conductors. Providing a clearer audio signal with less static noise than traditional cables.

Also, the Cable Matters cables boasts a low noise floor, which renders it an ideal choice for any audio system. Its lackadaisical nature ensures that the signal remains crystal-clear and free from distracting background noise; aiding in ensuring optimal fidelity.

Additionally, the Cable Matters XLR cables are crafted with a robust shielding capability that safeguards against unwanted interferences from entering the audio signal. This element ensures that the signal remains clear and free of distortion, noise or interference. Protecting it from external sources of interference such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interferences (RFI).

Moreover, the Cable Matters XLR boasts a high common-mode rejection rating, which affords it the capacity to nullify external interferences. This capability not only enhances audio clarity but also safeguards against unwanted noise or interference.

Compatibility with Different Equipment

Compatibility with diverse audio equipment is paramount to achieving optimum quality in professional music settings. A cable that can seamlessly coexist with various devices is indispensable for success!

The Cable Matters XLR is a versatile connector ideal for accommodating a variety of audio devices. It boasts standard-sized XLR jacks, which are frequently employed by professionals in the field to connect microphones, mixers and amplifiers with ease.

Also, the Cable Matters XLR cables are a highly versatile connection solution. Offering both analog and digital connectivity for use in a range of professional audio applications. This feature makes it compatible with microphones such as condensers and dynamic mics as well as multiple mixers and interfaces.

Finally, the Cable Matters cables are designed to accommodate a wide variety of audio gear, no matter what brand. This cable does not restrict usage based on its producer; it’s compatible with a range of different brands’ equipment.

For Pricing and More Information, on the Cable Matters XLR cables. Go to (aff)

Length and Flexibility

Cable Matters XLR Review: Cable Matters 2-Pack Premium XLR to XLR Microphone Available Lengths

The lengths of an XLR cable refer to the various lengths available for purchase. The length of this cable is essential as it determines the range with which equipment can be connected and also influences ease-of-use when using it.

The Cable Matters XLR provides users with a range of options for connecting diverse equipment and configurations. For instance, an end-to-end 3-foot cable is ideal for connecting a microphone to a compact mixer on a desktop. While an extensible 50′ raw Y lead can be utilized as part of larger setups involving audio consoles in spacious theaters or venues.

The availability of multiple cable lengths enables users to select a connection solution that precisely meets their needs. For instance, if connecting distant devices poses a challenge for some users. Longer cables may be more suitable while shorter cables would be ideal for closer setups.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

Flexibility and ease of use are indicative of the potential for an XLR cable to be easily maneuvered, positioned, and connected without adversely affecting signal quality. This is particularly important in professional audio contexts where high-quality sound must be achieved.

The Cable Matters XLR is engineered to be both adaptable and simple-to-use. Its robust yet pliable jacket provides security against wear and tear. Facilitating easy portability while preserving its integrity during prolonged use. This is critical in instances where cables may be subject areas of harsh handling such as live performances or other environments with unstable environments. Ensuring optimal performance can only benefit from protection being provided.

Also, the Cable Matters XLR cables are an intuitively connected cable, with its gold-plated connectors and contacts. Designed to withstand corrosion and resist interference issues. These components ensure that the audio signal remains clear of distortion or interference.

The cable is provided with an optimal configuration, permitting efficient management and dispatching of cables. This can be useful in settings where multiple cables may be utilized – for example, in live performances or recording studios.


Cable Management

Cable management is an essential aspect of keeping cables organized, neat and tidy. It facilitates the reduction of clutter while ensuring that they are easy to use and maintain. For professional audio settings where multiple cables may be employed, proper cable management is crucial in achieving high-quality sound quality.

The Cable Matters XLR boasts not only optimal cable management features, but also a thick and malleable jacket that lends itself to effortless wrapping up. This ensures that the cables are less obtrusive and more manageable – significantly enhancing usability while simultaneously minimizing upkeep.

The cable consists of a Velcro strap, an effective tool to ensure that the cable is neatly encased and bundled. The flexible strip can be easily affixed or removed as necessary. Making it simple to add or remove cords whenever needed.

Moreover, the Cable Matters XLR comes with a clear labeling system that makes it simple to identify cables and their functions. This is particularly useful in environments where several cables may be utilized. Such as during live performances or recording sessions – for maintaining an organized setup.

Price and Value

22AWG Stage Light DMX Cable 3 ft / 0.9m with 3-Pin XLR Connector Cost Compared to other XLR Cables

The cost of an XLR cable is a critical aspect to consider when making any purchase. The varying prices for this type of connectivity can affect the overall worthiness of the product.

The Cable Matters XLR is an affordable option for any professional audio application. Offering a high-performance and durable package at an exceptional cost, this cable provides reliability and quality in every situation. High-quality materials are employed to ensure both performance and durability – making it the ideal choice for any professional audio system!

It is essential to recognize that the cost of Cable Matters XLR may vary depending on the length of cable. On average, longer cables tend to be more expensive due to their size and complexity. However, even for an exorbitant length it remains a reasonable proposition compared with other comparable XLR cables in circulation today.

Overall, the Cable Matters XLR provides a commendable compromise in terms of quality and cost when compared to other comparable offerings. It is an economical option that affords top-notch performance and durability, making it a sound choice for any audio application.

Quality vs Price

Quality vs price is an important consideration when making a purchase. High-quality XLR cables are essential in achieving high-quality audio settings, but can be costly. Eespecially if one must procure quality components such as capacitors and resistors. To ensure top performance and attain the optimum sound for professional auditions or performances. It is crucial to invest wisely into these critical components that provide enhanced audio fidelity.

The Cable Matters XLR offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for any professional audio application. Utilizing high-quality materials and construction, this cable features gold plated connectors and contacts alongside low noise floor which ensures an uninterrupted signal path. It also boasts high common mode rejection along with excellent shielding design that prevents interference or distortion from occurring to the audio information being transmitted.

At the same time, the Cable Matters XLR is a cost-effective alternative when compared to other similar XLR cables available on the market. Offering impressive performance and durability at an accessible price point has made it an appealing choice for many users. The cost of this cable may vary depending upon its length. However it remains a reasonable investment given that alternatives are readily available.

Overall Value for the Money

Understanding the overall value for the money of an item is essential when evaluating the cost-effectiveness of a purchase. In relation to XLR cables, determining whether or manifesting quality and utility in a product is paramount.

The Cable Matters XLR is an excellent choice for professionals seeking a reliable, high-quality audio cable. This product features gold-plated connectors and contacts as well as low noise floor and high common-mode rejection. All of which ensure that the signal remains clear during transmission. Additionally, its robust shielding mechanism guards against interference or distortion of any kind while maintaining crystal clarity!

Also, the Cable Matters XLR cables offers a wide array of options for users seeking to connect their audio gear. Both professional-grade and consumer grade alike. This versatile cable can be purchased in lengths ranging from 3 feet all the way up to 50 feet. Accommodating various needs or configurations while remaining an essential tool for any audio engineer’s repertoire.

Moreover, the Cable Matters XLR is renowned for its affordability when compared to other comparable XLR cables on the market. Offering exceptional performance and durability at an accessible price point. It is no wonder that this cable remains popular among musicians of varied levels. Depending on length requirements, pricing may vary – but as always affordable options remain available!

For Pricing and More Information, on the Cable Matters XLR cables. Go to (aff)

Customer Service and Support

Premium XLR to XLR Microphone Cable Availability of Customer Service

Providing customer service is integral to the success of any product. For example, the availability and accessibility of support for those who have purchased an XLR cable plays a key role in determining their overall satisfaction with such an item. Iit can potentially affect their perception of its quality as well.

The Cable Matters XLR is crafted by renowned manufacturer Cable Matters, which boasts a reputation for providing high-quality products and unparalleled customer service. The company offers numerous support options for purchasers of its coveted product. Thisss includes an extensive FAQ section on their website; email and phone assistance available. As well as lifetime warranty coverage that grants customers ultimate confidence in the quality of the product.

Cable Matters’ customer service team is available to assist customers with any questions or inquiries they may have about the Cable Matters XLR. They are knowledgeable about the product and can provide guidance as well as assistance when using and maintaining this cable. Should an issue arise, they are also able to help out with warranty claims or returns – don’t hesitate to contact them!

Responsiveness and Helpfulness of Support Team

Assurance and responsiveness of the support team are key benchmarks when assessing customer service performance. For example, if a consumer is seeking assistance in selecting an XLR cable that meets their requirements. It is essential to ensure promptness and skillful assistance as these can impact the overall satisfaction with one’s purchase.

Customers have remarked on the responsiveness and assistance of Cable Matters’ support team. They are quick to respond to queries and offer comprehensive guidance; knowledgeable regarding the XLR cables. They can provide assistance in utilizing or maintaining them as well as offering tips for troubleshooting scenarios or should customers require warranty services.

Indeed, customers have attested that the support team is approachable and easily communicative. This enables them to effectively address any customer queries in a timely manner.

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Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty and return policy refer to the stipulations of a company offering regarding repair or replacement for products that may be faulty or unsatisfactory. Additionally, it describes the procedure of returning a product. In connection with XLR cables this piece of information is crucial when making an acquisition. It affords additional assurance as well as confidence in the quality level.

The Cable Matters XLR boasts a lifetime warranty, which ensures its quality and reliability. This generous benefit provides customers with complete reassurance of the product’s dependability. Enabling them to take advantage of any future opportunities without anxiety or apprehension that their investment will fail because it was purchased substandard due to defects in material or workmanship.

Cable Matters is committed to providing customers with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which provides them with a trial period for evaluating the product and determining whether or not they wish to commit long-term. This feature guarantees purchasers will have freedom in making their choice as well; if unsatisfied, it gives them the opportunity rectify any issues right away.

Comparison to Other XLR Cables

Cable Matters XLR Review: 2-Pack Premium XLR to XLR Microphone Cable Similar Products on the Market

When looking to purchase an XLR cable, customers should consider carefully any similar products on the market. By doing so they can compare different options and select one that best suits their needs.

The Cable Matters XLR provides similar functionality to other products in the space, such as:

Hosa Pro XLR Cable: This exquisite offering is ideally suited for high-end audio applications and provides a harmonious combination of quality and affordability. Its robust composition ensures long-lasting durability alongside providing varying lengths available in the marketplace.

Mogami Gold Studio XLR Cable: This premium-quality component is ideal for professional audio recording and has been crafted from high-grade materials in order to mitigate noise and interference.

Canare L-4E6S Star Quad XLR Cable: This premium cable is ideally suited for professional audio applications and boasts outstanding transmission quality. It was crafted from premium materials with scrupulous attention to reduce noise and interference.

The Neutrik ProFi XLR Cable is crafted for demanding audio applications and offers unparalleled quality transmission. This premium cable is fashioned with high-grade materials to minimize noise and interference; resulting in pristine audiosurces.

These are just a smattering of examples of comparable products on the market to the Cable Matters XLR. Each cable boasts its own distinct feature set, quality and performance characteristics that require customers to carefully compare alternatives and select one that best suits their needs.

How the Cable Matters XLR compares in Terms of Design, Performance, and Price

As far as aesthetics. The Cable Matters XLR boasts a robust yet malleable jacket that safeguards against wear and tear. Making it simple to maneuver and reposition without incurring any damage. Additionally, its connectors are encrusted in gold-plated metal for greater durability coupled with reliable connection. Aall features which ensure maximum security. Furthermore, this cable comes equipped with Velcro fasteners along with efficient labeling methods that assist in preserving orderliness while keeping clutter at bay.

The Cable Matters XLR enjoys a stellar reputation as one of the most reliable standards in terms of performance. Its unique design includes low noise floor, an impressive common-mode rejection level, low insertion loss. All while providing robust shielding that allows for clear transmission and immunity from interference, noise or distortion.

In terms of cost, the Cable Matters XLR is considered to be an affordable option when compared with other similar XLR cables on the market. It offers exceptional performance and durability at a reasonable price – especially when contrasted to its competitors. The final cost of this cable may vary. However, it remains an advantageous offering in comparison with others available in its class

At a glance, the Cable Matters XLR appears to be an ideal choice for any professional audio application. It boasts a commendable blend of design, performance and affordability that results in an accessible option with impressive levels of capability and durability.


22AWG Stage Light DMX Cable 3 ft / 0.9m with 3-Pin XLR Connector High-Performing and Durable

High-performing and durable qualities describe the capacity of an item to perform effectively over a prolonged period of time, with no indications of wear or decrepitude. In reference to XLR cables, high-quality audio demands nothing less than true perfection. So it is essential that they possess these characteristics.

The Cable Matters XLR is a highly-valued and reliable option for professional audio applications. This cable boasts durable construction, pristine signal transmission quality, outstanding shielding capabilities. All achieved through the use of premium components and materials. Its gold-plated connectors and contacts provide optimal conductivity while its low noise floor ensures unadulterated signals. Moreover its high common-mode rejection feature further minimizes interference or degradation in the transmitted audio signal. Eensuring an uncompromised quality for any application!

The robust and resilient jacket of this cable provides protection against wear and tear, ensuring its durability for professional audio applications. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Providing customers with confidence in their purchase.


By definition, affordable is a descriptor that pertains to the cost of a product in relation to its characteristics; such as value and quality. With respect to XLR cables, this classification refers specifically to products providing potent performance and features at an attainable rate.

The Cable Matters XLR is a budget-friendly choice when compared to other similar XLR cables available on the market. It offers impressive quality and resilience at an attainable price point – even for extended lengths of cable!

Moreover, The Cable Matters XLR is an exceptional value proposition. It boasts exemplary performance and durability along with versatile range. Making it an optimal choice for any audio application requiring high-quality cables. This renders this reliable cable a worthwhile investment for those desiring maximum return on their investments

Further, Cable Matters upholds a generous guarantee and contractual arrangement, while also providing exceptional customer service that all serve to enhance the overall worth of its product.

Good Customer Service

Customer service excellence is paramount to the success of any company’s customer relations. In the realm of XLR cables, this can manifest in providing clear and concise information on product specifications. Aiding customers with any issues that may arise; as well as ensuring they are completely contented with their purchase decision.

Cable Matters is renowned for providing exceptional customer service to Cable Matters XLR. The company offers a wealth of support mechanisms, including an extensive FAQ section on their website as well as email and telephone assistance. Their knowledgeable team are able to provide guidance and recommendations when it comes to utilizing the cable or maintaining its quality. Moreover they have also provided troubleshooting tips if you encounter any issues with your setup or even assist in claims for warranty expediting in case required.

Customers have spoken up, citing that their interaction with Cable Matters’ customer service team has been pleasant and straightforward; they likewise feel confident in the product purchase knowing they have a knowledgeable support system on hand.

For Pricing and More Information, on the Cable Matters XLR cables. Go to (aff)


Premium XLR to XLR Microphone Cable Limited Availability of Different Lengths

When it comes to the availability of different lengths for XLR cables, there are often only a few options available. This could put certain applications or setups at a disadvantage if these specific cable variants cannot be utilized in their full capacity.

The Cable Matters XLR is available in varying lengths, ranging from 3 feet to 50 feet. Offering multiple options for connecting different types of equipment as well as configurations for different setups. This cable affords users a wide range of flexibility when it comes to audio applications. With choices ranging from three-foot units suitable for casual use cases all the way up to fifty-foot versions that can accommodate professionals’ requirements and scenarios alike; there’s an ideal length available for everyone.

Nevertheless, it may be necessary for users to require cable lengths that are longer or shorter than those available. For example, if they need a longer length of XLR cable than the Cable Matters series provides. Especially if their application requires specific lengths which aren’t available – then other options must be considered. Meanwhile, some users may also require certain accommodations in terms of established lengths. Preventing them from fully utilizing the advantages provided by the Cable Matters series could prove problematic.

Some Users have Reported Issues with Connectivity

Numerous users have reported issues relating to connectivity when utilizing the Cable Matters XLR. Connection difficulties can manifest as either difficulty establishing or maintaining an electrical link between the cable and its connected paraphernalia. This could lead to poor audio quality, interjections within that signal stream or no audible output at all.

The most commonly encountered difficulty with the Cable Matters XLR cable is ensuring a secure connection between the cable and its associated equipment. This can lead to suboptimal audio comprehension, interruption in signal flow or total disappearance of audible sound altogether. All as a result of faulty connections in either hardware or user-induced malfunctions.

Numerous reported issues have been encountered with cable breakage at the connector. These issues may be caused by improper handling or substandard components utilized in manufacturing.

It is essential to acknowledge that these issues are not commonplace and have been encountered by only a relative few users. Furthermore, Cable Matters provides effective warranty and return policies which enable users to address any concerns they may have with their XLR cable efficiently.

May not be the Best Option for Professional Recording Studios

The Cable Matters XLR is an astutely crafted and versatile XLR cable that offers superb performance for professional audio applications. However, it may not be the optimum choice for high-end recording studios that demand unparalleled fidelity in sound quality and dependability.

Producers seeking to record at state-of-the-art professional establishments are advised to invest in XLR cables. These devices offer premium audio transmission qualities with minimal noise and interference. The Cable Matters XLR is a high quality cable that can help provide top notch performance when recording. However, it may not meet the exacting standards of some studios that require optimal audio fidelity and performance levels.

For the discerning professionals in professional recording studios. It is essential to procure high-end XLR cables such as those crafted by Mogami, Canare or Neutrik which are renowned for their impressive audio quality and utter lack of noise floor. These costly but remarkable pieces of equipment are often outstripped by Cable Matters’ less expensive XLR cable offering. Yet they are rigorously tested to meet the exacting standards expected from a top-quality studio environment.

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Final Thoughts

Cable Matters XLR Review in summary. The Cable Matters XLR provides cutting-edge performance and durability in an ideal solution for professional audio applications. This premium cable is made from high-quality materials with gold plated connectors and contacts. Offering low noise floor while simultaneously exhibiting excellent common mode rejection along with minimal insertion loss. To top it all off this product also possesses effective shielding capabilities to ensure signal integrity as well as help minimize any potential interference between components for optimal operation.

The trifecta of reliability, quality, and value make this product an ideal choice for audio professionals. Its thick and resilient jacket with a lifetime warranty offers long-lasting durability as well as confidence in the product. Equally enticing is its affordability: it provides high performance along with versatility at different lengths to suit all needs – making it an excellent value proposition!

For Pricing and More Information, on the Cable Matters XLR cables. Go to (aff)

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