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Best Studio Rack Mounts Review & Buyer’s Guide [2023]

Best Studio Rack Mounts Review & Buyer’s Guide [2023]

Your home recording studio is going to grow much sooner than you anticipate, and you will find yourself searching for the best studio rack mounts.

A rack mount is an essential part of a music studio. You may have seen professional recording studios with many mount racks holding their fancy gear. Or you may have seen music bands traveling and also performing with portable racks.

For a home recording studio, you will need a rack mount that will hold your essential as well as fancy music equipment. However, finding the right mounting rack, and learning how to install it without damaging your gear can be really overwhelming.

In this article, we will explain why you need a good rack stand for your music gear. We will also tell you how to choose one that is the best rack mount for your home studio.

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Best Studio Rack Mounts Comparison Chart

Best Studio Rack Mount Review

Let’s take a look at some of the best rack mounts in the market. We have hand-picked the units that can be a perfect fit for a home studio and are recommended by musicians like you.

Best Studio Rack Mounts Review: 8U Open Frame Rack 8U Open Frame Rack

The StarTech 8U open-frame rack can be a great addition to your home studio. This is also a high-quality relay rack with a strong and durable structure. The unit itself weighs only 23.8 pounds so that it is easier to handle.

It can be installed on any kind of wall. The installation itself is very easy. In compliance with North American stud spacing standards, the rack mount is also positioned 16 inches apart (center-to-center) and can be installed on any wall.

What makes this the best rack mount is its adjustable depth. You can choose any depth between 12 to 20 inches, depending on the size of your gear. Moreover, it has enough space to install any accessories like shelves or drawers.

StarTech 8U is sturdy and compact. It comes with StarTech lifetime guarantee. So, it is perfect for you if you have a small studio, and don’t have a dedicated space for a rack. It will enhance your workspace, so that it will make it easy for you to organize and operate the even larger gear.


  • Adjustable depth
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 8 unit spaces
  • Open frame body
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy Installation


  • Price may seem steep for a basic rack mount 6U Wall Mount Patch Panel Bracket - 14 inch Deep - 19" Patch Panel Rack for Shallow Network Equipment- 44lbs Capacity (WALLMOUNT6) 6U Wall Mount Patch Panel Bracket

If you are looking for the best studio rack mounts at the lowest price, the StarTech 6U is perfect for you. It is a quality rack mount that also comes with StarTech lifetime guarantee.

It’s made of cold-rolled steel. It is strong and sturdy and offers ample space to help you effectively store your equipment. The design is 13.5 inches deep and can also accommodate six units. It has an open frame design.

The rack mount comes fully assembled, you can get to installing it right away. The installation process is very easy. The unit also comes with the required hardware.

However, the shelves are shallow. It is ideal for those who can work with 12 inches depth. It takes very little space, so that you can put it anywhere to organize your equipment.


  • Cheap price
  • 6 unit space for storage
  • Open frame design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy installation


  • The maximum depth offered is 12 inches
  • Not suitable if you need more spaces

Best Studio Rack Mounts Review: Odyssey CRS08 8 Space Carpeted Studio Rack

Odyssey CRS08 8 Space Carpeted Studio Rack

If you are looking for a small, compact and stylish rack, this Odyssey unit will be the best rack for you. It has a plywood structure that is carpeted. The body is also angled to offer easy accessibility.

It has an open design with no panels on the front or the back. So that , it makes it much easier to be accessed from the front or the back. You can easily connect and manage wires when using this rack mount. It also allows for good ventilation for your equipment.

It doesn’t require assembly. You can get to installing right away. The installation itself is fairly simple and doesn’t take too long.

The rack mount offers 8 spaces. However, you should measure your gear before getting this. The unit may not accommodate larger gear. And the carpeting may need extra care. But it does provide a safer surface for expensive music gear.


  • Compact design
  • Carpeted body
  • Offers 8 unit spaces
  • Open frame design
  • Easy installation


  • May be small if you need more depth or space

Samson SRK-12 Universal Equipment Rack Stand

Samson SRK-12 Universal Equipment Rack Stand

The Samson universal rack is an all-inclusive rack mount. What makes it the best rack mount is the diversity of the design and functionality that it offers.

Meet the sturdiest studio rack stand that is made of industrial quality, heavy-duty steel. It has fully enclosed side panels. You will also receive an optional back panel with the rack stand.

The rugged body of the rack rolls on 4 heavy-duty 3-inch locking casters. So that it adds to the convenience of using this portable rack stand.

There are no shelves, but the rack mount has 12 spaces and allows 18 inches depth. You can use it easily for any equipment.

The portable studio rack comes with required rack crews and inner panels. The design also conforms to US and European standards. That’s why it is a popular choice of people performing around the globe.

You can easily install your equipment in the portable rack. It enhances your workspace and also gives you an efficient and effective system to work seamlessly in your home studio.


  • 12 unit spaces
  • Industrial-quality
  • Rugged body
  • Very durable
  • Locking casters
  • Easy mobility
  • Can be used universally


  • None

Best Studio Rack Mounts Review: Portable Server Rack with Handles - Rolling Cabinet - 9U (RK960CP) Portable Server Rack with Handles – Rolling Cabinet

If you are looking for a portable studio rack, you will love this StarTech rolling cabinet. It also allows you to store your music gear and essentials conveniently.

The design has a sturdy black body. It is a compact rack with 9 unit spaces. The rack comes with built-in handles, so that it allows easy mobility. Moreover, the casting wheels have great quality, and you can easily roll your music gear around in this portable rack stand.

The rack features great quality gauge mounting rails that give it strength and stability. The design is compliant to US and European standards. It is therefore used broadly for transporting music gears for performances and recording.

It’s very easy to assemble. It comes with easy 4 steps assembling instructions. Once installed, it can be used conveniently. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee by StarTech and lifetime technical support.

However, compared to Samson, this doesn’t offer as much space and comes with a hefty price.


  • Easy 4 steps assembly
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Quality, sturdy design
  • 9 unit spaces
  • Can be used universally


  • Very expensive

Studio Rack Mounts Buyer’s Guide

Best Studio Rack Mounts Review: Buyer's Guide

Setting a recording studio in your own house is a great convenience especially for new musicians. You can start building your gear collection from anything. But what every music enthusiast knows, there is no end to getting new equipment and, very soon you will have a lot of stuff jumbled in your studio.

A rack mount will let you keep your power conditioner, mixers, microphone amplifier, audio interfaces, processors, headphone amplifier in one place. The best mount rack will come with enough shelves and ample space to help you organize. so that you can operate your gear seamlessly.

No one understands the importance of proper organization and continuous creation for creating quality music. The best rack mount allows you to have an organized system that works efficiently and effectively. In addition to your expensive and high-quality equipment, you will require the right studio furniture and accessories so that it will provide you with a great home recording studio.

Why Do You Need a Mount Rack?

A music enthusiast, whether he is a beginner or a seasoned performer, or a professional, realizes the importance of sound equipment. A lot of research and money is invested to get the perfect piece of the most advanced music equipment. But a common mistake that most beginners make, is o not choose the right organizers for their home studios.

Therefore, you won’t find a lot of information about how to choose studio rack mounts for your studio on the internet. Choosing one randomly will not solve your problem. The moment you will start to set your rack, you will realize this mistake, but you may end up damaging your equipment.

How Does a Home Studio Naturally Grow?

Trust us, a home studio has a life of its own. One day you buy your first keyboard, and soon you will find yourself worried about how to place your gear. If it’s hard for you to imagine, let’s paint a picture for you.

As your basic home grows, you will keep adding more gear. Soon, you will need a mounting rack to organize some basic components.

Very soon in your music journey, you will be recording multiple soundtracks simultaneously. You will need a multi-channel mic preamp for managing more inputs. For recording more tracks, or when recording with a group, you will need more outputs for headphones. You will then need to get a headphone amp. Likewise, you will soon be getting a monitor management system.

You will then need a mounting rack for all your gear. To operate the equipment that you have just mounted on the rack, you will need a single device to serve as a power source. That’s when you will get a power conditioner.

Samson SRK-12 Universal Equipment Rack Stand

How To Choose the Best Studio Rack Mount?

If there is one thing that matters the most when buying studio rack mounts, it is to think in the future. We hope that knowing how your studio is likely to grow has given you a better idea of what to look for when buying a rack mount.

To place the equipment in a way that you can reach and operate it uninterruptedly, you will need a rack mount with enough spaces. In the market, you will also come across many rack mounts that you offer 6 to 12 spaces. Depending on your current gear, and how you anticipate your studio to grow, you can also choose one with an appropriate size.

In addition to this, you must take into account that you have enough space for air ventilation, connections, extra storage, and any future additions.

When choosing the best rack mount, you will come across three types of designs:

  • Affordable prices
  • Ample storage
  • Ideal for home studio
  • Slightly expensive
  • Great storage
  • Ideal for mobile studios
  • Very expensive
  • Extra features
  • Ideal for professional studios

The features, other than the rack mount type, to take into consideration when choosing the best rack mount are:

Your purchase would depend on the BUDGET you are ready to spend. Remember that you can also get a high-quality basic rack at a very affordable price. And a basic rack will be ideal for the home recording studio.

You must check the SPACE that you will use to install the rack mount. Rack mounts come in all sizes. You can also choose a compact one to fit in all your gear without taking up much space.

Another important thing is to consider how many UNIT SPACES you want. Depending on the gear you need to install, you should choose studio rack mounts that offers some extra space for your future needs.

Before buying a rack mount, you must measure your gear. Different rack mounts offer different DEPTHS. Choose one that fits perfectly for your gear. You can also buy a rack mount with adjustable depth.

Rack Mounting Tips

Using a rock mount can make your recording experience a lot easier. But mounting your gear in the rack the first time can be intimidating. You cannot be too careful about it.

But here’s are some tips that may help you.

  • Right Size & Depth: Choose a rack mount that has the right number of spaces for accommodating your gear. Make sure the unit also has enough depth depending on the gear you are using.
  • Right Balance: When setting up the rack mount, balance it tactfully. Read the manual for advice. A good idea is to place the heavier gear in the bottom shelves and use the upper shelves for lighter items.
  • Ample Space for Connections: Think about the wires and connections when setting up your rack mount. A great way to organize everything neatly is to use a power conditioner.
  • Ample Space for Ventilation: You know that the music gear can get really hot when you are recording. If the heat keeps building up, your gear may get effected. It is, therefore, necessary to get a rack mount that will have ample space for air ventilation.

If you are still worried, this video has some amazing tips for you.

Rack Mounting Accessories

When getting the best rack mount, don’t be overwhelmed by the fancy units that come with a lot of accessories. Fortunately, rack mounting accessories are readily available in the market. You can easily find add-ons for your rack mount unit.

Here’s what you may need when installing and using a rack mount in your recording studio: add-on rack drawers, rack panels, and extra shelves. You may also need to buy rack screws separately. There are there main types of rack screws depending on the type of their holes: tapered hole, round hole, square hole.

Tip: Before buying accessories, make sure they are compatible with your rack mount.


Best Studio Rack Mounts Review: FAQ

What is Studio Rack Mount?

A studio rack is a specially designed rack that has spaces for installing music gear. The best studio rack mounts will also enhance your space for easy storage and organization. It will allow you to easily manage your gear and wires. So that, it will provide you a system to seamlessly operate your equipment.

Do I Need a Portable Studio Rack?

A portable rack is very convenient if you have a mobile studio. It is also good for those who do not have a designated space to install a rack mount. It may be a little expensive than a basic rack mount, but it offers more space and easy mobility.

How Can I Install the Rack Mount?

Always read the manual and manufacturer’s instructions before installation. Most rack mounts are easy to install. Please check that the unit you have bought is compliant to the US rules of stud spacing.

Moreover, most companies send the required hardware with the rack mount. It is important to read the details before buying one.

What Type of Rack Screw Should I Get?

There are three types of rack screws in the market. They come with tapped holes, round holes or square holes. You can choose one depending on the rack mount you have. Please read the manual of your unit for more details.

What If My Unit Has More Spaces Than I Need?

You can use the extra spaces for storing your recording accessories. Depending on the studio rack mounts you own, you can also buy accessories like drawers, extra shelves, and cooling fans and use them with your basic rack mount.

Do I Need a Unit With Drawers?

Not necessarily. What you need depends on your unique recording needs. Most designs come without drawers. If you think that you need a drawer, you may buy one separately and install it easily in your rack mount.

Do I Need A Unit With Cooling Fans?

If you choose a design that allows air-ventilation then you don’t need a unit with cooling fans. However, if you think you need extra cooling, you can buy a cooling separately for your rack mount.

Premium rack mounts come with cooling fans, but they may cost you more. Please remember that it is important to have a ventilation or cooling system in the rack mount as the heat accumulation may damage your recording gear.

How To Balance Weight On A Rack Mount?

To balance weight, install heavier equipment on the bottom shelves. Use the top shelves for lighter gear. However, it is best to consult your manufacturer about the specifications and weight capacity of the shelves.

Can I Install My Rack Mount On Any Wall?

Yes. Most studio rack mounts can be installed on any wall. Please read the manual for further details. You must also check if the rack mount you bought is compliant to US stud spacing rules and TAA.

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Final Thoughts

The best studio rack mount can enhance your workspace in your recording studio. So that it will allow creating an effective system of proper organization and storage. It will also help you to manage and operate your equipment and gear to increase your work efficiency. As a result, you can not only augment your home recording studio, but have great seamless recording experience.

There are a lot of designs in the market. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a basic and a portable design for your home studio. It is a great idea to measure your gear before you set out to buy the rack mount. So that depending on the gear you have, you can choose the tack with the right size and perfect depth for you.

It may take some research to find the best rack mount that is suitable for your unique recording needs. However, we made sure to include comprehensive information, so that it was laid out in very simple way. We have also hand-picked the best rack mounts in the market that are ideal for home studios. We hope this will help you choose the best rack mount for your studio.

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