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Best Studio Monitor Stands Review & Buyer’s Guide [2023]

Best Studio Monitor Stands Review & Buyer’s Guide [2023]

The best studio monitor stands are a crucial part of every workstation. It helps make sound production smooth. The vibrations caused by workstations and monitors can cause comb-filtering effects. Which will in-turn reduce the quality of your production.

That’s why you need a studio monitor stand. Monitor stands eradicate comb-filtering effects. It also helps to elevate the studio speakers. Thereby protecting the produced audio from reverberations and resonances. Additionally, these stands will help to protect your speakers.

Now, choosing the best stand is not always easy. Some people find it quite difficult to select the right one. And with many stands on the market, this is quite normal. This article will provide a guide to help you. It will also provide reviews of some of the best monitor stands on the market.

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Best Studio Monitor Stands Comparison Chart

Best Studio Monitor Stands Review

AxcessAbles Adjustable Studio Monitor Stands (Pair)| Large Recording Studio Monitor Floor Standing Stand | Studio Speaker Stands Compatible with JBL, Yamaha, KRK Rokit Speaker Monitors (SMS-101)

AxcessAbles Adjustable Studio Monitor Stands

The AxcessAbles Adjustable Studio Monitor Stands are an astute solution for any recording or production studio. These stands afford optimum placement of your monitors, enabling accurate listening experiences while maintaining optimal comfort and stability – all at the ideal height and angle! Made of sturdy materials, these stand-up bases can support speakers up to 44 lb in weight.

The primary benefit of these stands is their adjustable height. From 36 to 48 inches, you have the freedom to place your speakers at just the right spot for your setup. In addition, they come equipped with adjustable spikes that help eliminate resonance and resulting vibrations – providing a more refined sound.

These stands provide an invaluable feature for audiophiles – their adjustable angle! The top plate of each stand can be raised up to 20 degrees, allowing you to position your speakers at a more advantageous angle than with traditional counterparts. Furthermore, both plates are constructed from sturdy materials that guarantee the stability required for optimal sound quality.

The intuitively crafted AxcessAbles Adjustable Studio Monitor Stands are ideally suited for setting up an array of studio equipment. Providing users with all the necessary hardware, these stands possess a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that meshes seamlessly with any setup.

In summary, if you are searching for a sturdy, adjustable and dependable solution for your recording studio monitors, then look no further than the AxcessAbles Adjustable Studio Monitor Stands. These stands offer the perfect combination of stability, adjustability and affordability making them an ideal selection for any production or recording setup.


  • The height of the stands can be adjusted from 36 to 48 inches
  • The top plate can be adjusted up to 20 degrees
  • The stands are made of durable materials and can support speakers up to 44 lbs


  • Some users have reported that the assembly process can be a bit challenging and time-consuming
  • The stands may not be compatible with all types of speakers

(2) Technical Pro 8 Studio Monitor Bookshelf Computer Multimedia Speaker Stands

Technical Pro 8 Studio Monitor Speaker Stands

Technical Pro is another excellent choice for speaker stands. It includes a monitor and a bookshelf. Another unique feature that makes it stand out. Is its heavy construction. This makes it suitable to carry heavy weight speakers. It is designed and built from highly durable materials. It also comes with a computer and multimedia stands.

Technical Pro features quad support which provides strength and security. Also, it is perfect for large bookshelf speakers. Its sleek, wood style, grain finish look makes it the most sought after speaker stands. The package contains all the mounting hardware you would need. It is the right support your speakers need to function well. It is also an excellent choice for limited working space.

This stand is designed to make your workstation look beautiful. Its quality will awe you. It’s sturdy, and has heavy bases. You can rely on these features to protect your speakers. What’s more? Assembling this speaker stand is a breeze. It is very easy to install and doesn’t need you to have any professional knowledge. You bet it will make your soundtracks and games sound very good. Also, if you need a low speaker stand, this is a great choice.


  • Very sturdy and will protect your speakers
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comes with all the mounting hardware you need
  • It’ss durable


  • The top plate may be small for an 8″ speaker
  • It takes up significant desk space

VIVO Premium Universal 23 inch Floor Speaker Stands for Surround Sound and Book Shelf Speakers (STAND-SP02B)

VIVO Premium Universal 23-inch Floor Speaker Stands

Vivo Premium is definitely in a class of its own. It is the perfect stand for satellite speakers, bookshelf speakers and more. It will elevate your speakers to the position you want. You can also bet it will enhance audio sound. It sleek and attractive appearance makes it suitable for all decors.

Whilst serving as a speaker stand, it also adds beauty to your workstation. It is great for any home theatre system. A sturdy aluminum pillar supports the stands. This ensures durability and weight capacity. Vivo premium stand can carry weights up to 22 lbs each. Its removable carpet spikes ensure a sturdy foundation on most surfaces.

There is also internal cable management. That helps to keep power and audio cords clean and organized. Its shelves are designed from sturdy tempered glass. This makes the stand to have a glossy black appearance. Its total height from the floor to the top shelf measures 23”. The top shelf measures 8” x 8” while the base measures 10” x 10”.

Its complete package comes with installation tools.


  • Great cable management helps to keep cords clean and organized
  • It’s very easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy stand that provides the needed support
  • It’s designed to be attractive
  • It enhances sound quality


  • The carpet spikes could scratch a wooden floor

Soundrise PRO Studio Monitor Speaker Stands, Black Pair, Professional Desktop, DJ and Sound Technician Reference Support, Front Surround Sound with Vibration Absorption

Soundrise PRO Studio Monitor Stands

This extra-durable stand will help you get an improved, and clearer sound. It comes with a tighter bass to ensure this clearer sound. This stand works great with most 5″ – 7″ speakers. It comes with very flexible top plates. These help to absorb vibrations before they reach the bottom plate or your desk. It also comes with aligning tweeters. These ensure accurate bass and sound clarity.

Soundrise Pro stand helps to remove resonance. It’s C-shaped design raises your speaker to your expected height. This feature helps to save a lot of desk space. Soundrise also works with most 5″ – 8″ reference monitors.

This speaker is built with a solid heavy-duty 1/4″ aluminum. Which has been bent into shape to accommodate speakers up to 30lbs. A hole at the back of the stand allows you to route cables through. This feature ensures a neat cable organization. When set to its full length, your speaker will be at an ear level. Soundrise is built with space in mind. It helps you create space and keep your workstation tidy.


  • It is very sturdy and will last a lifetime
  • The C-shaped design allows you to put things under the speaker
  • It will help free up space on your desk
  • It’s very easy to assemble.
  • It enables good cable management


  • It is quite pricey

Ultimate Support MS-90/36B MS Series Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand with Non-marring Decoupling Pads - 36"/Black

Ultimate Support MS-90/36B MS Series Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand

The MS Series monitor stands are your perfect choice. This stand is designed to have an anodized aluminum column that has three chambers. The three chambers are for routing power cables, audio cables. And there’s a large central chamber to fill with the ballast of your choice. The conductive aluminum shields the cables. Thereby making them to coexist in harmony, without interference. Its ballast chamber makes the MS Series perform as well or better than custom designs. Custom design stands cost thousands more.

MS Series feature 4 layers of mechanical decoupling. They also include the option of spiked or ball feet. Its top-of-the-line MS-100B/R has a patented mechanical platform. Which further isolates the speaker and allows fine adjustment of angle and tilt. While the MS-80 offers the same features for the desktop or meter bridge. The MS Series comes in 36” or 45” heights. They also come in black or classy red.

These stands offer unparalleled innovation and strength for professional, home and project studios. MS-80 features a high-density acoustic and a non-slip foam. It is a desktop monitor stand that also features an angle-adjustable base. This allows the end-user to fine-tune the sweet spot. The MS-90 is a column monitor stand that offers internal cable management channels. It also offers 6000 Series aluminum construction. While the MS-100 is a combination of the two.


  • They offer very good heights
  • They will last for very long
  • They’re very sturdy stands


  • They’re not adjustable

Studio Monitor Stands Buyer’s Guide

VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand Mount - Extends 26.5" to 47" (i.e. Bose, Harmon Kardon, Polk, JBL, KEF, Klipsch, Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer and Others) 1B7

In other to get the best stands, you need to pay attention to certain factors. These factors will help you make the right choices. Studio monitor stands come in a wide variety. These varieties also come with different features. Each feature has a unique purpose to serve.

Note that not all the stands or features will meet your needs. You should choose a stand based on the features that works best for you. Here are some of the important factors to consider:

Capacity to Hold Weight

This is the most important factor to consider. After all, the main purpose of a stand is to bear the weight of something else. It is important that your stand can carry weight more than that of your speaker. If it can hold more weight, then it can carry your speaker. And you can be sure that your speaker won’t be too prone to tipping over. So, when buying, make sure to pay attention to the weight. And ensure it is one that can conveniently carry the weight of your speaker.


This is very close to the weight factor. A speaker’s ability to stand strong is important. Pay attention to the dimensions of the stand’s base. This will help you know the size of the contact area it has with the ground. This is also another way of knowing how well it can carry your speaker. Also, read reviews online to hear from other buyers.

Generally, metal stands are more stable than wooden stands. They also have heavier bases and higher weight capacities. This is apparently because of their manufacturing material. But they have to be very well constructed. Wooden stands exist but they may not be that stable for your speaker. Plastic stands also exist. But they may also not be stable enough for your speakers.

Filling with the stand with sand is also a great way to ensure stability. Some manufacturers fill their speaker stands with sand. And it is an effective way of being certain that the stands are stable. When buying, you might want to get stands filled with sand. In any case, make sure you buy very stable stands.

On-Stage SMS4500-P Desktop Monitor Stands

The Height of the Speaker

The smallest speaker should be roughly at ear level. That is when placed on a stand. The height of your stand should depend on the height of the speaker. You can also consider buying height-adjustable stands. These are a convenient way to decide how high or low your speaker should be. Being able to decide height will help you have smoother working experience. In all, buy a stand that can give you the height you want.

The Size of the Speaker

This is another important factor to consider. How big of a speaker can the stand hold? Considering the size of the speaker will help you pick a befitting stand. The size of the stand should be proportionate to the size of the speaker. This will help protect your speaker. It will ensure that the speaker can’t topple over. If you have a small speaker, you can consider buying a smaller stand. If you have a bigger speaker, you should consider buying a bigger stand.

Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from the above factors, the stand should also meet your aesthetic taste. It is not only about functionality. It is also about beauty. If it comes with the other factors but doesn’t look nice in your space, you don’t have to buy it. Go for that speaker that serves its functions well and still adds color. Beyond its use for sound production, it might as well serve as decor.

Cable Management

Some stands come with a built-in method for doing your wiring. This enables the wiring to be kept from view. This would result in a quite clean look that many people like. Unlike when you have to see wiring hanging from the surfaces. Consider if the speaker you’re buying allows you to manage your cables like this.
Rockville RVSM1 Pair of Near-Field Studio Monitor Stands w/Adjustable Height

Financial Considerations

It is always important to consider the price. Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a speaker stand. And really, you do not have to spend that much. If this is you, you can choose to let go of the expensive options. There are some other price friendly stands with great reviews. You should look out for those and buy what you can afford.

Personal Preferences

A lot of speaker stands will need some assembly. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time, you might have to hire someone. But not everyone wants to spend the extra cash to pay someone. There are stands on the market that you can install by yourself. Look out for these stands that are easy to install. Some stands come with easy DIY assembly procedures.

Space Available

Of course, the speaker stand is going to be in your studio space. You must consider how much space you have. This will help you decide the right size of stand to buy. If you have a small space, you should buy a small stand and vice versa. You should only buy a stand that your space can accommodate.

Q and A

ZENY Pair of Studio Monitor Speaker Stands Height Adjustable Concert Band DJ Studio Floor Stands w/Stable Triangle Base, Black :

Why do you need speaker stands?

Placing the speaker properly is important for great sound. Putting your speakers on stands helps to give you more freedom. It lets you put the speakers where they’ll give the best sound.

Also, when you listen to music, you’re not only getting the speakers’ sound. That is, the sound coming straight from your speakers. You’re also getting reflected sounds from surfaces around like walls. These reflections can get your music muddy. And sometimes, very muddy.

Using stands for your speakers helps to reduce the possibility of these reflections. This will make sure you get more direct and pure sound.

How high should a speaker stand be?

The right height is an important factor for any speaker stand. This helps to align the subwoofer and tweeter with the ear. The purpose is to get the best sound to balance. If the tweeter is not at the ear level, many high frequencies will get missing. At the least, it should be close to ear level. A lot of speaker stands are static. They come in heights usually between 20 and 34 inches. But, it is important to consider the height of the speaker itself. How short or how low your speaker is should decide the height of the speaker stand. Also, think about your personal preferences.

Do speakers sound better on stands?

Stands help in positioning speakers to the ear level. The heart of every quality improvement on speakers is to target the ears. Having speakers positioned to the ears allows the ears to receive extra vibration. That is when sound production happens. Stands could be the top of a shelf, table or any surface that raised to the ears.

How do speaker stands generally work?

During the creation of sound, loudspeakers generate pressure alongside sound. This pressure can make wooden floors to vibrate. For a neat performance, the vibration needs to be apart from sounds. That is, not allow the vibration to get back into the speakers. Platforms and stands come in handy here. They help to keep vibration from entering back to the speakers. In making stands, spikes are needed to make direct contact with the floor. That means whatever stands in its way like carpet will experience piercing.

Why fill speaker stand with sand?

Putting sand in your speaker stand helps to dampen any vibrations. Filling the stands with sand is a simple way of making the cabinets less resonating. Also, filling the stand with sand helps to ensure stability. It will help to make sure you can hold your speaker without letting it topple.

How do speaker sounds work?

What we hear as sound is an electrical signal translated into audible sound. To do this, speakers are built with an electromagnet. This is a metal coil. When an electrical current flows through the metal coil, it creates a magnetic field. The coil is significant because of its behavior. It behaves like a normal magnet with one important property. It keeps turning the direction of the current in the coil. And it flips the poles of the magnet.

Why do speaker stands have spikes?

Spikes help to grip any unwanted movement and prevent them. Whenever speakers are being used, their cones move back and forth. These are Bass movements. During these bass movements, the speaker and stand will move the most. We already mentioned that the spikes help to grip unwanted movement. So there, that’s why speaker stands have spikes.

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Final Thoughts

Getting the best studio monitor stand is essential for protecting your speakers. Speaker stands also help to give you better quality sounds. But without the right knowledge, you will get confused. With many different stands on the market, you may struggle to pick the right one. If you have never bought speaker stands, you may find it even harder. But having a good knowledge of essential features will help you. Also, you should know exactly which monitors are the best. These will help make your shopping a whole lot easier.

In this article, we have provided a comprehensive guide for you. Everything you need to know about buying speaker stands is in this guide. We have also reviewed some of the best speaker stands on the market. The stands we have reviewed have all the essential features. They come with everything you need for a stand to be effective. It is best to buy the monitor stands that suit your exact needs. This will help to prevent any regrets. And this is why we have compiled this guide. If you have been looking to buy a speaker stand, this guide is for you. We have compiled everything you need to make it simpler for you.

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