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Best VST for Free and Paid Dynamic / Effect Plugins in [2022]

Best VST: Free and Paid Dynamic and Effect Plugins

As sound engineers and musicians, it’s important to have a variety of musical equipment and programs to use; especially Virtual Studio Technology (VST). In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the Best VST for Free and Paid Dynamic / Effect Plugins.

This will help you determine which of these programs is best for you and help eliminate any confusion over which product you should choose.

Also, it’ll relieve you of the overwhelming feeling of trying to determine which of these programs is best for you.

Best VST for Free Dynamic / Effect Plugins

As noted, down below are ten of our favorite free VST (or audio plug-in) for effects.

If you’re a beginner or want to learn how to use these products, then you should definitely consider some of these free variations.

Valhalla Freq Echo
Valhalla Freq Echo

First up on our free list, we have the Valhalla Freq Echo. It’s a bode-style frequency shifter and analog echo emulator. In simple terms, it’s a very effective echo delay.

It doesn’t require a ton of knowledge to get working and is self-explanatory on how to use it.

For anything involving delay, this is a very and effective unit to try out and download.

Go ahead and test it out yourself. It’s free for a reason.



Next up, we have the FuzzPlus3. A fantastic overdrive, distortion, and fuzz from audio damage.If you want something that’s pure adrenaline and loud, then this is the effect for you.

It’s very easy to set-up and install. All you have to do is download it and check it out!

There isn’t much to say other than it’s a free distortion effect. How cool is that?


PanCake 2

Next up, we have the PanCake 2. PanCake 2 is a completely free plug-in for modulation purposes. Meaning it allows you to construct your own modulation curves which is something that is cool to do considering it’s free.It’s extremely easy to use and set-up. After you download it, you sync it to your DAW and boom, you’re ready to go.

Other than that, it allows the ability to control the channel left and the channel right volume very easily.

All in all, this is a great unit. Download it, try it out, and see for yourself!


Protoverb 1.0

Next up, we have the Protoverb. The Protoverb 1.0 is a natural-sounding reverb. It tries to emulate the sound of a room and it’s normal reverb tendencies.It’s more of an experimental reverb, but it’s definitely worth a download.

Be sure to check it out yourself and see how you like it.


TDR Nova

TDR Nova

Next up on our free list, we have TDR Novo. TDR Novo is an equalizer that has a surprising amount of options in it.It offers parametric equalization, dynamic equalization, frequency selective compression, multi-band compression, and wideband compression.

As for how it actually works, it works very well. After you download it, it’s fairly simple to set-up and you’ll ready to go. Be sure to check it out and explore some of the other free VST on this list.



TAL Chorus -LX

Next up on our list, we have TAL Chorus -LX. As you can probably guess, this is a pretty standard chorus effect. However, it works very well at what it can do.It has the characteristics of the Juno-60 Chorus and there isn’t much more you would want from a chorus.

Be sure to give it a download and see what you think.



Next up, we have Molot. Molot is a transparent compressor that is very simple at what it does. However, this isn’t a bad thing. It does what it can do very well.If you need a simple compressor, then this should be what you go with.

It’s free, easy to use, and isn’t a hassle to set-up.What more could you want? Try it.




Next up, we have ColourEQ. As you can probably guess, ColourEQ is an equalizer that works beautifully. It’s deemed as the first “super-parametric” equalizer and does everything you would want in an equalizer.

Since it’s completely free, you might as well give it a download and try it out for yourself.


W1 Limiter

W1 Limiter

Next up on our list, we have W1 Limiter. W1 Limiter is a clone of the original Waves L1. It works as a way to edit your sound by simplifying the release curve, increasing the release time, and altering the softening circuit filter.

This is more of a complex VST, but since it’s free you might as well give it a download. Be sure to read the instructions clearly on what it does so you get a general idea behind it.Otherwise, you might just waste your time with it.



Analog Obsession SPre

Last, but not least, we have Analog Obsession SPre. Analog Obsession SPre allows you to shape your digital samples. Meaning you can give your digital samples an additional warmth and depth.

Similar to the last VST on this list, it’s a more complicated VST for what it actually does, but you should check it out anyway.Give it a download and see for yourself how you like it!

Best VST for Free Paid Dynamic / Effect Plugins

For those of you who don’t know, a VST is an audio plug-in software interface that combines a software synthesizer and effects in a digital audio workstation (DAW).

In simple terms, they use a digital signal to emulate a real instrument or effect in a digital workplace. Pretty cool right?

Down below, we’ve listed ten of our favorite for purchase VST and ten of our favorite free VST. However, keep in mind these programs are chosen for their effect purposes and not for instrumentation.


Soundtoys 5

Soundtoys 5

First up on our list, we have a versatile product from Soundtoys. Soundtoys 5 features several of Soundtoys plug-ins such as the Decapitator, PrimalTap, Little AlterBoy, EchoBoy, Little Plate, the Effect Rack.

Each of these plug-ins provides a different type of effect in the entire process. If you want to saturate, compress, and distort, then you should utilize the Decapitator.

For echo and delay purposes, check out the EchoBoy and PrimalTap. Both of these are fantastic effects that offer a huge plus in this package.

For pitch, chorus, and widening effects be sure to check out the Crystallizer and MicroShift. While anything having to do with vocals can be done with little AlterBoy.

This is a fantastic group of effects that all come together in one great package. Although the price of the package might seem a little intimidating, trust me when I say it’s worth it.

You get everything you could possibly need from Soundtoys 5, and there isn’t much more you could want. Definitely check it out!



Unfiltered Audio Byome

Next up we have the Byome from Unfiltered Audio. Byome stands for “Build Your Own Modular Effect” and that’s exactly what it can do.

This product offers over 40 effect modules, all of which are their own original effect. They claim that all of their products have been created as a way to create something completely original.

For example, if you’re looking for an incredible reverb, the product offers “deep reverb” which is an atmospheric effect with endless possibilities.

For what the company’s known for, they certainly offer everything you could want in this product.

You won’t have to tirelessly search for a certain set of modulation when can achieve exactly that in this product.

As for the price, it may seem a little bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth the price. The amount of sounds you can accomplish with this is quite remarkable.

I highly recommend that you check this product out, you definitely won’t be disappointed.


OTO Biscuit

Softube OTO Biscuit

Next up, we have a product from Softube called the OTO Biscuit. Originally introduced in the late 2000s, this system became an instant hit in the music and recording scene.

For those of you that that don’t know, it’s a lo-fi multi-effect unit that features some of the grittiest and most interesting sounding filters. It’s truly remarkable how incredible of a product it is.

Since all of this is available as a simple software, you can bring those crunchy, dark, and crunch sounds to reality.

The price itself is completely reasonable. It’s not going to make you spend your entire budget on one product and it has a ton to offer.

As for the functionality, it’s very easy to use. Allowing you to easily manipulate the filter and other aspects of the effect.

So, go ahead and check the product out for yourself. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed and you’ll love it.



Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5

Next up, we have Guitar Rig 5 from Native Instruments. In the VST world, we’re all pretty familiar with Native Instruments for their amazing products and units they offer to the public.

As for this particular VST, it’s fantastic. It offers just about every effect, amp situation, and much more for your guitar or bass.

Think of it as a studio that offers every type of scenario for guitar and bass. Meaning if you want a little bit of distortion, they have it. If you want a pitch shifter or a crazy delay, they have it.

Besides all of the effects, they provide a plethora of amps to choose from to emulate that specific sound you’re seeking for.

Whether you want the classic cleanness of a Twin Reverb or the loudness of a Marshall, they have it.

Although the price might seem a little bit out of your budget, it’s entirely worth it if you’re a bassist or a guitarist. Considering what you get for those two different lanes, it’s worth it.

However, if you’re not a guitarist or a bassist then it doesn’t make a ton of sense to get something that is meant for those two options. But I’m sure you can utilize the effects another way.

Definitely check it out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


Best VST: Free and Paid Dynamic and Effect Plugins

Kilohearts Multipass

Next up, we have a system from Kilohearts called Multipass. Multipass is a multi-effects unit that offers a ton of options for you to work from.

Options such as a phaser, modulation station, and much more. All of these more standard effects work fantastic and are everything you could think of.

Other than their standard effects, they offer unique effects such as how you can edit certain frequencies, sync everything very easily, and much more.

With this specific product, you will have a wide array of sounds you can accomplish all within one product.

Whether you want to create a few normal or standard sounds or want to experiment, Kilohearts Multipass is definitely for you.

As for the price, they allow you to try it for free and once you decide to buy it, it’s not that expensive.

Definitely try it for yourself and see how you like it.


Dmitry Sches Tantra

Dmitry Sches Tantra

Next up we have the Tantra from DS Audio, otherwise known as Dmitry Sches. The Tantra is a fun and interesting rhythmic multi-effect plug-in.

Meaning it allows you to get any kind of sound you want and turn it into a rhythmic progression. It’s very unique for what it does and might seem a little bit confusing.

However, from what I’ve seen, it’s fantastic. There are a ton of audio demos of it online and it’s a perfect unit for EDM or electronica.

Because of it’s an interesting and unique take on what it does, there are a ton of options for what it can do. However, keep in mind that all of these sounds are very electronic and bit-sounding.

If you’re not into that specific type of sound then this might not be the best product for you. Although I always say that it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and check out some of these for yourself.

There are two different packages for Tantra that you can buy and their both very reasonable. One is a standard package that includes everything I talked about. While the other is a plus package that features Tantra and the Factory Expansion.

All in all, be sure to check out what Tantra offers.



Sugar Bytes Looperator

Next up, we have the Sugar Bytes Looperator. The Looperator is an interesting system for it does. It chops up your audio and turns it into something completely different from what you originally intended.

Let me explain. You can achieve the effect addition that you would normally do all within a click of a button. It can read the sound you’re creating and can come up with several different options for you to play around with.

It’s very interesting that it can manipulate sound like this, but it’s incredible.

Some of the features include a 16-step sample slicer, looper with reverse mode, time stretch and talkbox filter, presets, independent control for the channels, unlimited undo/redo, 5 parameters per effect and step, and much more.

In simple terms, this system knows how to put certain patterns over your sound. It’s almost like it can read your mind and save you countless hours. The price isn’t crazy and should entice you enough to try it out.

Rather than take my word for it, check it out for yourself. You’ll be shocked at how great it is.



Native Instruments Molekular

Next up on our list, we have another unit from Native Instruments called Molekular. Molekular offers 35 different effects that guarantee a new way to manipulate and twist your sound.

It can be used to create effects systems while setting them in motion. As well as the ability to design inspiring musical performances.

The 35 effects can be used to set in motion exactly how you want your modulation to sound. All of which vary from each other and can serve a different purpose.

In simple terms, it’ll expand your imagination and make you inspired within the music world.

Definitely go ahead and learn more about this product on their website. It’s very remarkable what it offers and is a fantastic unit.

The price isn’t too bad and is completely worth it considering what it offers. Try it out.


AD034 EOS 2

 Audio Damage Eos 2

Next up we have a fantastic product from Audio Damage called “Eos 2”. Eos 2 is consists of four high-quality reverb options. All of which are custom designed and offer different scenarios.

Some of the features include the ability to have complete control over the entire procedural, resizable GUI.

Other than that it allows for control over the actual shape of the reverbs, as well as a few filter options. Something that is great for the entire product.

It offers a mono in, stereo out, infinite decay, cross-platform preset format, and much more.

All in all, this is a great product for all things reverb. If you want the ability to manipulate and edit top-quality reverb then this is the product for you.

As for the price, it’s completely reasonable. Be sure to check it out yourself. I guarantee you’ll have a blast with it.


DMG Audio Equality

DMG Audio Equality

Last, but not least, we have a fantastic unit from DMG called “Audio Equality”. This unit is exactly what it might sound like, it’s an EQ.

Some of its features include a massive range of dB adjustment, the ability to adjust resonance, filters of all octave ranges, extra hi-pass, a clear processing mode, adjustable gain-q interaction, and much more.

All of these features represent how great of a unit is and how truly versatile of an EQ it can be.

As for its performance, it doesn’t demand a lot of CPU and works very efficiently. You couldn’t ask for a better EQ.

For the price, it’s very affordable for what it can do. For one of the best EQs available, you can’t go wrong with it.

Be sure to check it out for yourself and see how you like it.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, you were able to determine the best free and for purchase VST (or audio plug-in) for effects.

Other than that, you should be able to have a general understanding of this subject in general and why they’re needed for a studio setting. With factors such as versatility and budget in mind.

For a quick recap, we went over ten of our favorite for purchase effects-based VST. We went over why we liked each product and some basic features of each one.

After that, we went over ten of our favorite free effects-based VST. We also went over why we liked each of these products and a few basic features of each one.

It’s important to figure out exactly what you want to accomplish with a product like this. Keep in mind your goals, budget, and everything else.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn, then you should start out with one of the free products. The free variations of these products will allow you to understand how they work and why they’re important.

In conclusion, you should be more comfortable with deciding what free or for purchase VST (or audio plug-in) for effects is for you.

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