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Free Synth VST: Ample Sound Cloudrum Review

Free Synth VST: Ample Sound Cloudrum Review

Welcome to our bewildering review of the Ample Sound Cloudrum! Prepare to be dazzled by the unique combination of human-like unpredictability and delightful soundscapes that this virtual instrument offers. The Cloudrum is a percussion-based virtual instrument designed to evoke the enchanting sounds of steel tongue drums and handpans. Developed with meticulous attention to detail, Ample Sound has crafted an extraordinary tool that transcends the boundaries of traditional percussion.

With Cloudrum, you are not just playing notes; you are orchestrating a symphony of emotions. Its underlying microcontent technique imbues each sound with organic variations, ensuring that no two notes are ever identical. Whether you’re seeking mesmerizing melodies for your ambient compositions or adding an ethereal touch to your cinematic scores, the Cloudrum promises to be your muse in the world of virtual percussion.


  • Expressive Sound Library: The Cloudrum boasts an extensive library of meticulously recorded and resynthesized percussive sounds, ensuring every note is a captivating surprise. From the soft, soothing tones reminiscent of gentle raindrops to the lively and energetic rhythms that resonate with the heart, the Cloudrum captures the essence of human expression through sound. With multiple playing techniques, such as tapping, rolling, and glissandi, the Cloudrum opens up a treasure trove of creative possibilities.
  • Real-time Articulation: Experience the organic fluidity of sound with real-time articulation, making each stroke feel like a living, breathing performance. The instrument’s responsiveness to velocity, along with its advanced scripting, allows for nuanced variations in tone and timbre, replicating the subtleties of a live percussionist’s touch. Combine this with its sensitivity to pitch-bend and mod-wheel, and you have an instrument that feels alive beneath your fingertips.
  • Intuitive Interface: Navigating the Cloudrum is a breeze, even for novices, thanks to its thoughtfully designed and user-friendly interface. The main display presents a graphical representation of the instrument, allowing users to visualize their notes as they play. The various controls and parameters are conveniently placed for effortless tweaking and customization. Additionally, the integrated mixer and effects section enable users to shape their sounds further without leaving the instrument environment.
  • Customizable Mallets: The ability to customize mallets and sound characteristics allows for endless exploration and discovery. Tailor the hardness, size, and velocity of the mallets to sculpt your desired sound, from warm and resonant tones to sharp and percussive attacks. This level of customization empowers users to sculpt their ideal instrument with ease. With the option to load your samples and mallets, the Cloudrum becomes a canvas for your sonic imagination.
  • Multiple Mic Positions: Fine-tune your sonic experience with multiple microphone positions, providing complete control over your virtual recording setup. The Cloudrum offers a selection of microphone perspectives, including close, mid, and room positions, enabling users to create their desired sense of depth and space in the mix. Whether you seek an intimate and focused sound or a more ambient and expansive vibe, the Cloudrum delivers versatility at your fingertips.


  • Unparalleled Realism: With a staggering level of realism, the Cloudrum leaves you questioning whether you’re listening to a real instrument or a virtual marvel. The authenticity of the sounds, coupled with the expressive capabilities, creates a deeply immersive and convincing playing experience. You’ll find yourself lost in the moment, forgetting that you’re interacting with a virtual instrument.
  • Inspiring Creativity: Its microcontent-based unpredictability fosters moments of sheer inspiration, encouraging you to create music that transcends the ordinary. The Cloudrum’s ability to surprise and captivate with each stroke liberates your creativity and pushes you to explore new melodic territories. Each session with the Cloudrum becomes a magical journey of musical discovery.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with all major DAWs, the Cloudrum effortlessly integrates into your existing workflow for smooth music production. Whether you’re composing film scores, ambient soundscapes, or contemporary tracks, the Cloudrum seamlessly slots into your creative process. The instrument’s plugin format ensures compatibility across Windows and macOS platforms.
  • Low CPU Usage: Despite its complexity, the Cloudrum is impressively light on your system’s resources, ensuring a seamless experience without lags or crashes. This efficiency makes it an ideal addition to any production setup, even for those working on modest hardware configurations. Say goodbye to performance bottlenecks and focus solely on crafting your sonic masterpiece.


  • Limited Genre Scope: While the Cloudrum shines in certain genres, its uniqueness may not suit every musical style, making it a specialized tool for specific projects. Those primarily focused on classical orchestration or hard-hitting electronic music might find its sounds less suitable for their compositions. However, for ambient, cinematic, world music, and experimental genres, the Cloudrum becomes an indispensable gem.
  • Price Point: Though the quality justifies the cost, the Cloudrum’s higher price point might deter budget-conscious musicians. As with any premium virtual instrument, the investment is a consideration, especially for those seeking an affordable solution. Nevertheless, it’s essential to recognize the value it adds to your musical productions and the depth it brings to your creative arsenal.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Unlocking the full potential of the Cloudrum may require time and dedication, especially for those new to virtual instruments. While the interface is intuitive, mastering the subtleties of mallet customization and articulation may take practice and experimentation. However, every moment invested in learning this instrument pays dividends in the exceptional quality of sound and the richness of your musical expressions.
  • Storage Space: The extensive sound library demands substantial storage space, potentially posing a challenge for musicians with limited computer capacity. Users must ensure they have sufficient room on their hard drives to accommodate the instrument’s sizeable sample pool. However, the investment in storage space is undoubtedly worthwhile, considering the sonic versatility and creative freedom the Cloudrum brings to your productions.


In conclusion, the Ample Sound Cloudrum emerges as a spellbinding virtual instrument, challenging conventional musical paradigms. Its microcontent-based technique, coupled with a myriad of features, ensures an immersive and authentic sonic experience.

While some might find the learning curve daunting, the Cloudrum compensates with unparalleled realism and the power to inspire boundless creativity. Its seamless integration, low CPU usage, and intuitive interface further add to its allure.

Thus, for adventurous musicians seeking to evoke untamed emotions and create music that astounds, the Ample Sound Cloudrum is an extraordinary tool worthy of exploration. Embrace its burst of human-like perplexity and unlock a world of musical wonders. Let the Cloudrum be your guide as you embark on a musical journey like no other. The future of percussion is at your fingertips, waiting to be explored with every enchanting note you play.

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